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Dr. Abraham offers thirty years of experience in research, development, marketing and entrepreneurship in lithium battery technologies. He is a member of the team that first demonstrated a practical rechargeable lithium battery.  Dr. Abrahamís extensive knowledge encompasses design, fabrication, testing, applications and market trends of rechargeable lithium-ion and polymer batteries, a variety of lithium primary batteries including the lithium air battery, and advanced aqueous and non-aqueous battery systems.  

Areas of expertise include:

Lithium-Ion and Lithium Polymer Batteries:  Electrode Materials, Electrolytes; Reaction Mechanisms; Battery Design and Engineering, Cell Balancing and Control Electronics, High Energy and High Power Batteries, Market trends     


Technology Evaluation and Assessment: Venture Capital Investments, Corporate Acquisition and Due Diligence, Government Programs, Technology Advisory            


Battery Applications and Safety: Portable Power, Cable TV, Telecom, Electric Vehicle, Hybrid EV, Military and Aerospace, Safety of Lithium-ion and Lithium Primary Batteries


Short Courses on Power Sources: Lithium Batteries, Lithium Ion Batteries, Battery Materials, Battery Safety and Applications, Aqueous Batteries, Capacitors, Advanced Battery Systems


Patents: Preparation, Review and Evaluation


Expert Testimony:  All Aspects of Battery Science, Technology and Applications                  


K. M. Abraham, Ph.D.

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