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Lithium Battery Consulting by Dr. K. M. Abraham

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                           Consulting Assignments

Provided consulting services to more than fifty national and international clients in many aspects of lithium primary and rechargeable Li-ion batteries. These include electrode and electrolyte materials development; cell and battery design, fabrication and testing; high volume manufacturing of Li ion batteries in automated plants; IEEE compliance auditing; Li-ion factory auditing; expert witness and technical support in legal cases involving patents and battery safety; applications of Li-ion rechargeable and Li primary batteries in medical, communication electronics and other consumer sectors; aerospace and military applications of Li-ion batteries; due diligence and feasibility studies of battery materials and battery systems; educational seminars; invited presentations in Lithium Battery Meetings; and many others.

Technology assessment studies on:

          Lithium primary  batteries and lithium-ion polymer batteries
      Lithium-ion  battery performance and safety
       Advanced electrolytes and electrodes for Li-ion batteries
       Lithium-ion conducting polymer electrolytes and polymer batteries
       Novel alternative anode batteries
            Nanomaterials for batteries and capacitors
       Fuel Cells

Due diligence of battery technologies
Planning and design of corporate R&D laboratories for battery materials and studies
Battery market, application and forecast studies
Battery design and engineering
Advanced liquid and polymer electrolyte development
Safety aspects of lithium and lithium-ion batteries
Proposal and patent preparation

Short Courses offered on:
           Fundamental principles of battery design and operation
           Rechargeable lithium and lithium-ion batteries    
           Polymer electrolyte and electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries
           Lithium-ion battery safety
           Electrode/electrolyte interfacial phenomena and battery performance
           Battery types, markets and applications



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